Saturday at the Cabin.

Well, since I’m in the mood to write, I thought I might as well take advantage of it. Spring is almost here but that actually does not mean diddly squat if you live in Manitoba (Canada). April showers could still turn into snow in a blink of an eye. For the last few weekends, we’ve been trying to spend time at the lake. It hasn’t really helped distract me from the chaos inside my head but the reprieve from the noise – even for a few seconds – is pretty wonderful.

This weekend, I brought Passion Blue by Victoria Strauss. Alexa of Collections loved this book and recommended it and I completely trust her choices.

Camelot, starring Jamie Campbell Bower is a tv series that never pinged on my radar until last year when all the hoopla about TMI filming have started. I’m about two episodes in and boy, so much skin has been shown – not that I’m complaining or anything.

My aunts are complete fans of Magnum ice cream but I’ve never been an ice cream type of girl to begin with (except for pistachio gelato, for which I’d eat three times a day). So this is the first time I’m trying it out. I hope it lives up to its reputation.

I’ve got some pictures of our lake house…well, we’re close to the lake but we’re not lake front, per se. It’s our home away from home, our sanctuary.

My reading spot. 

My bookshelf by the foyer. 

Anyway, it’s a work in progress. This place needs some major paint job and hubby and I aren’t the people for the job. We suck at it. When we first got this place, we tried to make it our project but two weekends into it, we just gave up. There’s still a 12 foot – long strip of painter’s tape and unfinished white primer in our dining room. God. When did this blog become JOYOUSDECORATES? Sorry about that.

I hope your weekend was fab!

  • Um, Joy..
    I am BEYOND jealousy at this whole post. I LOVE everything about your cabin. May I have one too? 😉

  • Ohh, I love the typewriter. I have one from 1922, it's my most prized possession. Your reading spot looks VERy relaxing, I wouldn't mind reading there myself, to be honest. Some peace and quiet is exatly what I need.
    Lol, I enjoyed Joyousdecorates, the only thing missing was a poem.

  • I'm pretty sure from all the pics I've seen of your cabin, that I need to run away and live there. So pretty and so much nicer than my house. lol I hope you like the ice cream. I've only had those a few times but thought they were pretty good. Never had pistachio gelato though…

  • I love the look of your lake house, Joy! I think it's utterly gorgeous! BIg hugs for lovely books and that delicious ice cream although its name always makes me think of Zoolander 😉