Bloodlines [Bloodlines, #1] by Richelle Mead

Placid spin-off to a high octane series. 

Bloodlines [Bloodlines, #1] by Richelle Mead
Razor Bill 
Hardcover, 421 pages

I’m simply baffled by this work by an author whom I’ve favoured for years. Gone was the heart-pounding action that grips you on the first page; or your inability to put the book down for a second just so you could breathe – both are quintessential quality of Mead’s writing. In their replacement was an overwhelming boredom that would lull you to sleep. Have you ever woken up by your own snoring? I think that happened to me – twice, I may add, while in the throes of reading this book. 
Bloodlines is the spin-off of Mead’s Vampire Academy series. Being a true Belikov sympathizer, I wasn’t really keen on reading this series because I’ve never been a fan of Ivashkov. And yet, I still found myself helplessly looking forward to each instalments. Props to the publicity wheel that continually spins a fervour of excitement before and during their consequent release. 

The plot is severely lacking. I’m sorry to say that reading this book was a waste of my time. It was primarily composed of subplots that had very little relevance to speak of. The mission was to protect Jill from insurgents by going into hiding in a Palm Springs boarding School under the protection of the Alchemists. This is where Sydney Sage’s expertise comes in. Unfortunately for the book, I tire very easily with the shenanigans and antics of kids in a boarding school. In any case, if you’ve read one book in this setting then, you’ve pretty much read them all. There were tidbits of interesting stuff here and there, but not enough to keep my attention for longer than what I’ve already spent on this book.

Sydney Sage was an interesting character on VA but had grown to be lacklustre in Bloodlines. In all honesty, I don’t know how a romance between Sydney and Adrian could develop. Those two did not have a single spark to light a match. I do like Sydney’s smarts but her protective and strict upbringing made her a tad too naive. And while everyone had develop some serious crush on Jill, I was left scratching my head because I did not get it. What is her appeal?

Sadly, this version of Adrian Ivashkov is not the man I loved to hate in VA. He’s tamed, slightly funny and had lost a little bit of his cocky charm.

In the end, Bloodlines series was simply a bust. As much as I want to find out how Sydrian came to be, I’m afraid I just couldn’t continue.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

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