Ode to Paranormal Books

An angel’s wings unfurled

as he takes to the sky in flight. 
A vampire finding love
in the darkest dark of night. 
A witch roaming the halls
as she tries to ignore the calls, 
and her true identity 
from every Tom, Jane and Harry. 
These are the kind of creatures
for whom I had befallen – 
completely and utterly
in love for eternity.
Heck, I know they’re fictional;
I would stop but I’m unable.
They’re just what I need – 
my addiction to feed. 
When life hands me lemons,
I don’t make lemonade. 
I read about vamps
stalking their sustenance. 
When the world kicks my ass,
I get lost in myths and legends.
Of Acheron, the god.
Or Zsadist, the vamp
and Barons, the hunter
who incites fear
and a trembling a bit severe.
But I don’t read every one of them
it takes quite a lot to get me hooked.
Ward, Kenyon and Moning –
the Holy Trinity of Writing.

Honourable Mentions:

Jeanine Frost. 
Ilona Andrews.
Stacia Kane. 

I’m a big fan of Cat and Bones – vampire hunters extra-ordinaire.

I’ve been seeing a whole slew of Kate Daniels love on my Goodreads feed as well and one of these days, I’ll endeavour to tackle that series. 

I have the first three books of the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane, again, one of these days. Sigh.

What about you? Which paranormal series do you follow religiously?