Tour Stop: Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan

Generic Young Adult with Paranormal elements.

Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan
Sweetwater Books, 304 pages

This book was one of those that have sat unread in my shelves for what seems like an eternity and for no other reason than it got buried in my Mt. Tbr. I have tried on many occasions to read it but it just wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t that I have any preconceived expectations about the book.  The blurb certainly had done its job of enticing a reader. The truth of the matter is, this book would probably have been a great read if I’d just discovered YA. Heck, this was published a year ago. I’d like to think that my taste has gone through some improvements since then.

The plot was interesting enough: a girl who can manipulate light and moods by passing energy. She can calm a person down and create light. The downside is, her powers go through a cycle like the phases of the moon. Right? How could I not enjoy this? But it was how it unfolded that didn’t agree with me. Half the book focused on the frustrating push and pull romance between Llona and Christian. I want to grab the boy and tell him to stop being an a** and quit jerking with Llona already! His reason for not pursuing a relationship with her was because he didn’t want to get distracted from his goal. But he’s got secrets. There was also a teacher with whom Llona sort of had the hots for who showed up when she was in trouble. But he’s got a secret. There was the allusion to vampires, er, Vykens who suck the blood of Auras so they can walk in the daylight. And secrets abound! I hate secrets. Secrets are meant to keep you engrossed in a book but in this novel’s case, it frustrated the hell out of me.

I know this book will be liked by its targeted audience; after all, it had all the elements that made me like Young Adult to begin with. And since it’s a year old, it would be a nice discovery to those who were just starting out in the genre. But for someone like me who’s been at it for several years now, I’d like to think that I’ve graduated from this. So if I’m giving this a lukewarm reception, it wasn’t the book’s fault at all. I’m just a little over this scene, yanno?

Thanks to AToMR for letting me participate in the tour.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
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