Never Too Far [Too Far, #2] by Abbi Glines

From emotionally-heavy to sexually explicit. 

Never Too Far [Too Far, #2] by Abbi Glines
Self-Published, Kindle Edition
Whatever the reason that made me like the first book was beyond my reach in this instalment. It was palatable for the most part. But reading this story was like hearing about an old flame that you wish you never met and yet you couldn’t help but be interested in finding out whatever happened to him. 
I anticipated the angst; expected the reunion and looked forward to the make-up sex bit, but man, this book was pornographic, almost. She went a little over-board on this one. Forgive me if I sound highly censorious. Don’t get me wrong. I love smut as much as the next perverted person. I read them in all forms. But the scenes and language from this book was a bit of a stretch – too much for my taste. It just felt out of place and forced, somewhat. I feel like re-reading the first book just to see if it was as raunchy. This is coming from a girl who  has a stash of M/M Erotic romance in her Kindle. I don’t know what sub-genre this is but it sure isn’t New Adult. It’s freaking Erotica, no ifs and buts about it. Nothing wrong with Erotica, mind you. I love one-handed reads (winks). But let’s call if for what it is so the readers like myself don’t get shell-shocked when a character develops a case of diarrhea of filthy words. 
And yeah, judging by the popular opinion of the Goodreads’ audience, I’m terribly alone on this one. This book was, well to put it mildly, disappointing. The dirty talk was cringe-worthy; the sex, copious and overdone. Rush was sporadic and borderline cray. I mean the guy was like a mine of explosive emotions. I can’t remember what I liked in him from the first book but it sure wasn’t this version of crass brashness. 
I think this book was rushed. And that’s unfortunate because I really think Ms. Glines could put out stellar novels with characters whose thinking made sense. I feel so bad because I tweeted Ms Glines about how much I’m dying to read this book and she linked me to Amazon because it wasn’t showing in my searches. I literally stalked the site the whole day waiting for this book to pop up. She’s one of those authors whom I eagerly watch for and that would not change just because of one bad apple from the bunch.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars