Breaking Point [Article 5 #2] by Kristen Simmons

You can’t fix a destroyed world by suppressing freedom. 

Breaking Point [Article 5, #2] 
by Kristen Simmons
Tor Teen

Ember Miller and Chase Jennings barely survived their staged deaths. Having found shelter in a hub for a group of rebels, Ember would rather stay hidden and be forgotten. But with a sniper on the loose picking off soldiers one at a time, the FBR needed someone to take the fall. And so the legend of the girl who escaped Rehabilitation and prison begins. With a shoot-to-kill order on her head, the Resistance found a face to launch their attack. 
In this sequel, Kristen Simmons affirmed her knack for painting a believable dystopian world: destroyed, desolate, and bleak. The first book of this series left me in awe; this one however, left me floundering. I have tried to figure out what it was that didn’t work this time and given the opportunity, I would have re-read the first book just to compare notes. Admittedly, Ember Miller and her romance with Chase Jennings left a bitter taste in my mouth. Sad as it was, the docile relationship between characters eclipsed the broken beauty that was, Breaking Point. 
Ember Miller’s endless soliloquy bordered on…whining (for lack of a better word). While she proved to be a strong female heroine, there were moments when she protested way too much. The people around her wanted to fight back; she, however wanted to remain hidden in a decrepit motel doubling as a den for a rebellion sector. She did find her groove back but by then, I wasn’t feeling generous with her any longer.

Ruled by a restrictive military government, the reader will be given privy to what it would be like living  under an iron fist. However, it didn’t make much sense how the governing body would achieve to recreate a perfect world by creating more constricting laws. I guess you can say that this aspect of the book was the pivotal point where I couldn’t readily accept things for what they were.

Breaking Point didn’t really have er, a point. They went from one mission to another without a concise goal to reach. The characters were thrown into one obstacle after another in a way that fitted the author’s will. To be frank, this series may be one of those that shouldn’t have been. A stand alone, if you will. While I was anxious to read this sequel, I quickly found out that my excitement was all for naught. In conclusion, I don’t think I will be continuing on with this series. There really isn’t anything else to look forward to after this. For me, Ember and Chase beating FBR at their own game already happened in Article 5, therefore, this sequel was pointless.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars
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