Shelf Envy and Chat with Sara of Forever 17 Books

So, one Tuesday evening, I’ve decided to bother a few minutes of Sara’s time to have a little chat with me. She’s such a good sport. She’s a busy mom and an awesome blogger, a book lover extraordinaire, and just an over all lovely person. We talked about a lot of things and I initially wanted to post the entire script of our chat but it just went on too long. Chatterboxes!

 Joyousreads: So what are you doing at this fine Tuesday eve’nin?…besides talking to me, that is.
7:20 PM Sara: Besides trying to wrestle my nook away from my 2 year old, who is playing Angry Birds, I’m shifting between reading Breaking Point and catching up on blog comments. Very exciting. lol
7:21 PM Joyousreads: Sigh. That’s our life nowadays, isn’t it? Did you get anything good in the mail today?

Sara: Pretty much. [sigh] At least the reading keeps me sane. Somewhat. Unfortunately, no. [sadface] But I did put in an order at Amazon yesterday for a few books! It’s like Christmas when packages arrive.

7:23 PM Joyousreads: Jealous. So besides Breaking Point [I hate you], what do you have on queue?
Sara: Let me consult my list (yes, I have one) Hysteria by Megan Miranda, 
also Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi (which I am totally nervous to read because everyone is all about Warner now and I loveAdam!
 Joyousreads: Gurrrrrlllll don’t even get me started with that Warren guy. Harrrummmph.
7:26 PM Sara: I haven’t even read the novella yet. I have no idea how this new love triangle will make me feel
7:27 PM Joyousreads: I’ll tell you how that love triangle is going to make me feel. It’s going enrage me like it’s nobody’s business, yo. [sighs deeply] anyway, my blood pressure’s going up. Any progress with your shelves organization?

7:30 PM Sara: Welp. It looks better? lol Our house is tiny so I had to get a small shelf. And I STILL have a pile on the floor. I got books coming out my ears! Doesn’t mean I’ll let it stop me from buying more, though. #bookhoarder
On Her Organizational Skillz (or lack thereof)
 Joyousreads: Lol! Word, sista. What was your strategy? By author?
7:31 PM Sara: Ummmmmm, by whatever makes it fit? lolol…I have 2 shelves, my new one is books I’ve read and the old one is books I still need to read.
  Other than that, there is currently no organization, besides keepnig books in a series together.
7:32 PM Joyousreads: …and out of the Pamper’s box? Lol
 Sara: Yes! No more Pamper’s box. lol
On Her Favourite Authors
7:33 PM Joyousreads: Do you have a list of authors that completely rocked your socks?
7:37 PM Sara: I LOVE Suzanne Young! She wrote the A Need So Beautiful books. I fell in love with Harlin and was close to starting a petition for a 3rd book (which has now been greenlighted to be a novella. She also has a new book coming out in April I’d kill for, The Program. I also love Fiona Paul, the author of Venom. Both these authors are great writers but are so much fun to talk to on twitter. I’d read anything they wrote.
I’ve read so many books, I got confused. 
7:39 PM Joyousreads: Oh yes. I’m hoping I’d be one of the lucky ones to get an ARC of The Program. I got an email today about that book. I haven’t read Venom yet. Bah. I loved On Dublin Street! oh wait…[facepalms]…different author. Gah! shoot me now. Lol.
7:41 PM Sara: Ahhhhhhhh! The Program! I hope you get it! Oh yes, different author, but similar name! I’ll pretend I never saw that. lol
Paper or Plastic?
 Joyousreads: Lol! So do you read more on your Nook or do you prefer physical copies of books?
7:44 PM Sara: I prefer physical copies. I feel like the ebooks aren’t for forever, like I could somehow lose them for some reason? But they also have a lot of benefits. Right now though, it’s hard to wrestle the nook away from my Angry Birds obsessed children.
 I found my nook very beneficial when I have a sick kid who wants to snuggle or has a hard time falling asleep. Much easier to read with a nook than holding a book and needing to turn pages. Yes, I read while snuggling sometimes. lol

7:46 PM Joyousreads: I read anytime, anywhere…:) Do you have a favourite bookmark?

Sara: Shoot, gotta take advantage whenever you can!

7:48 PM I have lots of bookmarks, some awesome signed ones too! I’m afraid to use them though. lol So basically I use whatever is nearest. Right now, it is a folded envelope. The last book I used an unused sticker. Heh.
 Joyousreads: I sometimes use my boy’s hand to save my page…no word of a lie. [hangs head in shame]
 Joyousreads: 🙂  Okay, let’s wrap this up soon since you’ve got books to plow through.
7:50 PM What is the most random read in your shelf?
7:52 PM Sara: Most random… well, none of my random reads are on my bookshelves currently. But I do have a copy of some book about oil that was included in a box of books. IDK lol I need to find a place to donate that. Oh, and the self help book my MIL bought my non-reading husband. Like he is going to read it someday? Yeah, right. lol That’s currently sitting around with the religious cookbooks she bought me for Christmas.
 Joyousread: And lastly, inquiring minds want to know. Tell us something about you that your readers may not know [guilty pleasure reads, confession]
 Sara: She won’t see this, right?
7:55 PM Joyousreads: …depends.
 Sara: Ah, I’m so boring! Okay, let’s see. I once tried to read a couple Stephen King novels but flounced them both. [gasp]
7:56 PM Joyousreads: …yes, that is boring.
  Lol. xD
 Sara: And I was OBSESSED with Christopher Pike novels as a teen. As well as The Babysitter’s Club and Archie comics. 🙂
 Joyousreads: …oh come on! something scandalous? it’s your chance to come clean!
On Fan Fiction
7:57 PM Sara: There is not a bone of scandal in my body. Oh, I read Twilight fanfiction occasionally. Some might call that a guilty pleasure, though I don’t read it nearly as much as I used to.Shout out to In a Blue Bathrobe
7:58 PM Joyousreads: Total. Guilty pleasure. I was reading IN.A.BLUE.BATHROBE’S Tropic of Virgo today. Love that fanfic!
 Sara: OMG soooooo good!
  I haven’t read that one in such a long time.
 Joyousreads: Riiiight? That woman can write. Love her poems and prose.
7:59 PM Sara: Yes! She is an amazing writer. Lots of hidden gems in the fanfic world.
8:00 PM Joyousreads: So obviously, you don’t have a problem with fanfic authors p2p [pulled to publish]?
8:01 PM Sara: Not really, though most likely if I’ve read it as fanfic, I won’t buy it. Unless I absolutely LOVED it. Like Sempre. Which was also totally reworked. I thought the author did a wonderful job turning it around.
8:02 PM Joyousreads: Oh yes. That’s an encyclopaedia of a book! I don’t have a problem either. As long as their work is worth the money I’ll spend.
  Is there a spot where you spend most of your time reading?
8:03 PM 

Sara: ‘My corner’ as my husband calls it. We have a sectional couch, so I sit in the corner of it and read. No one is allowed to sit there, under penalty of death!

8:04 PM Joyousreads: Lol!! Well, Sara, dear. You’ve been swell. Thanks so much for indulging me.
8:05 PM Sara: Thank YOU!
  I feel so boring now. lol
 Joyousreads: Lol. I sent you an email. 🙂 have a great night!
 Sara: Thanks, you too! 🙂

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