Tour Stop: Review of Sweet on You by Kate Perry

Sweet on You by Kate Perry
Laurel Heights #6
Publication Date: December 20th, 2012
Phoenix Rising Enterprises
Format: eBook
Source: AToMR
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

This book was so pleasantly sweet – not saccharine sweet but just enough to induce a goofy smile on my face for pretty much the entire time I spent reading it. It was just the kind of book that distracted me from some of the stuff that’s going on in my life right now. God’s honest truth? It probably saved me from committing a felony – no word of a lie. Life doesn’t really suck right now per se, but I’ve always hated changes and we’re about to go through one. Anyway, enough about me.  I love it when I find a book like that; the type that can whisk me away from the worries of life if only for a couple of hours. I think that’s why this book rated so high. It did its job; it entertained me and made me happy. 

From the uphill streets of San Francisco, Sweet on You is the sixth book to Kate Perry’s Laurel Heights series; small town vibe with stories of sweet romance and big hearts. This isn’t my first Kate Perry book but from what I’ve read so far, girl’s got a knack for writing romance novels with unique flare – unprecedented, considering her area of expertise is overpopulated by writers vying to write the next big thing in romance. It’s a genre that’s literally saturated, in my opinion. But man, she manages to make her characters and story lines stand out, padded with sub-stories that’s sure to make your heart melt.

This book for instance, features two stories: Daniella and Nico, Marley and Brian – equally heartfelt, funny, sweet with a hint of sour and would make you forget that you were only supposed to read the book on your lunch break. Ms. Thang ended up spending half the day reading this thing.

I love how distinct each of the characters’ voices were. The book switches POVs but it will not confuse you in any way. Nico may be your typical filthy rich, dark handsome hero but I love his background story. Daniella is a spunky, assertive heroine who doesn’t play any games. Girl’s got chutzpah and goes for what she wants full bore. She didn’t play the insecurity game.

Marley and Brian’s story is cute and sweet. Marley’s trepidation to give Brian a chance roots from the fact that she’s been in love with Daniella’s brother forever. So Brian bided his time by playing the friend card. Yes, we’ve heard this all before but it’s lovely and – I know, I sound like a broken record but – ridiculously sweet. 

Take it from me: if you want to temporarily take a vacay from real life, Kate Perry has your ticket. 

About the Author
As a little girl, Kate dreamt of many things. Like becoming a ninja. Dressing up in black and carrying a big sword? Seemed like a no brainer.

However, Fate had other plans for her, and she studied Kung Fu San Soo instead. A Kung Fu Master, Kate now has more weapons than she ever imagined—including several swords.

She lives in San Francisco. Voted by her friends as the woman they’d most want to stroll with down a dark alley, Kate’s as likely to be spotted at the opera as she is doing tai chi in Golden Gate Park. The rest of the time, she’s in her favorite cafe, working on her next novel.

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