Tour Stop: Oxford Whispers by Marion Croslydon [Review and G!veaway]

Oxford Whispers by Marion Croslydon
The Oxford Trilogy #1
Publication Date: October 8th, 2012
Carlux Publishing
Format: eBook
Source: AToMR
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Southern beauty, Madison LeBon has always known that there’s something different about her. But things amped to a whole new level of weirdness when she’s haunted by a love tragedy depicted in a painting. Suddenly, her dreams are plagued by occurrence of the past, and visions during her waking hours. Not only that, she’s also being stalked by ghosts who either wants something from her or wants her dead altogether. The only way she could silence the restless spirits is to dig through the history and find a way to defeat a scorned lover from the past or the new love she’d recently found in Rupert Vance may suffer the same fate.

Part Historical, part Contemporary, Oxford Whispers combined Romance and Paranormal to create a riveting story of recurring past loves and vengeance. Penned with two points of views, readers will be treated to Madison’s practical and romantic musings and Rupert’s sometimes obnoxious, wholly arrogant but completely seductive view of Madison and his world in general. Though Rupert may come across as a petulant, spoiled rich boy, he hides his real desire to be forgiven and accepted by his own father.

I enjoyed the dynamics of their relationship and thought that the progression was appropriately timed. I must admit that not having any prior knowledge of what the book was about, I assumed it’s geared toward YA audience. This assumption was totally eradicated when we got to the intimate parts. It was entirely too descriptive and frank to be written for the young crowd. This is not a complaint, by any stretch. In fact, I was happy that for once I was reading something age-appropriate.

A couple of grievances with this book: one had to do with the switching time periods. While I know it is a major component of the plot, I think it took away some of the mystique of Madison’s relation to the past. Sometimes, it also wasn’t done in a seamless fashion that it made for a bumpy read. I also felt that she didn’t feel any hesitation to share every single paranormal things that’s been happening to her, including her ability to shoot a ball of fire or telekinesis. I mean, some people wouldn’t just blurt that out in the open but not Madison. In fact, she didn’t hesitate at all when she came right out in the open to her adviser. I get that he’d helped her settle in on a foreign land but I didn’t get the complete confidence she’d entrusted on him.

Otherwise, the book is a novelty among reincarnation and ghostly reads. I do so love English boys and books set in England and the author showed great knowledge of Oxford and its prestigious history. Overall, an enjoyable read and a series worth watching for.

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About the Author

In addition to being an author, I work as an entrepreneur, wife and mother-of-one but spend a good deal of time with books, DVDs and listening to my mp3 player; all for the sake of inspiration, of course.

My debut series, The Oxford Trilogy, has been a blast to write because I can indulge in my favorite types of music: Country and English rock.

My main goal as a writer is to make readers dream bigger and cause their hearts to beat a little faster.

Since my writing is all about sharing dreams and stories, I love connecting with fellow readers and authors.

Don’t hesitate to contact me! You can reach me at:

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