Can’t Help Falling in Love [The Sullivans #3] by Bella Andre

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Bella Andre 
The Sullivans #3 
Publication Date: December 2011 
Format: eBook 
RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars


Gabe Sullivan risks his life every day as a firefighter in San Francisco. But after learning a brutal lesson about professional boundaries, he knows better than to risk his heart to his fire victims ever again. Especially the brave mother and daughter he saved from a deadly apartment fire…and can’t stop thinking about.

Megan Harris knows she owes the heroic firefighter everything for running into a burning building to save her and her seven-year-old daughter. Everything except her heart. Because after losing her navy pilot husband five years ago, she has vowed to never suffer through loving – and losing – a man with a dangerous job again.

Only, when Gabe and Megan meet again and uncontrollable flames of desire ignite between them, how can he possibly ignore her courage, determination, and beauty? And how can she deny not only his strong bond with her daughter.but the way his sweetly sensual kisses are challenging her to risk everything she’s been guarding for so long?
This winter, if one – or both – of them aren’t careful, they just might end up falling in love.

The third book to the Sullivans series is the story about a couple of people who are afraid to take chances. While Gabe, a firefighter, dealt with the dangers of his job on a regular basis, Megan spends her life afraid to take any risks: safe job, safe boyfriends. Ever since her husband died while serving as an air force pilot, she’s taken painstaking means to protect her daughter and her heart from ever going through that fear and pain again.

Gabe on the other hand will never risk getting involved with someone whom he had rescued again. Burned by a former relationship with one, he couldn’t stomach being a hero in their eyes only to be disappointed to find out he really is not. And as much as they can’t deny how intense and immediate their attractions were, they have to weigh out the risk/reward of pursuing it. In the end though, would it be enough?

All right. So I didn’t really enjoy this as much as I should have. There’s something about the lack of chase that bothered me. And I’m a huge fan of this whole dynamic. I love reading about a man who’d been brought to his knees by the woman he’d been chasing. I think it was because they gave their fair share of chasing one another and that there wasn’t much challenge on both sides. I also wasn’t convince of each other’s qualms and reservations as to why they shouldn’t be together. I mean, I get their fears but I guess they weren’t very convincing as to how deep their respective fears were and as such, I couldn’t sympathize.

Regardless, though. I’m falling more and more in love with this series. Bella Andre’s writing truly grew leaps from the first book, culminating to the third. Romantic scenes, sex that is sensual and not borderline pornographic is still the major allure of the book. On top of that is the ever present familial love between siblings that will have you looking forward to their stories.

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