Dear Santa: In Which I Ask for the Moon

Dear Santa.
You’re probably wondering what in the world am I doing writing you a letter, huh? After all, I think I’ve reached the maximum age limit for being on your list twice over. I also know that you hate receiving junk mail because – well, nobody likes getting those.
I’m supposed to give you a list of all the books I want under my tree but I’m not going to lie. I really am at a lost here. I would ask for 2013 releases but I don’t know how you could pull something like that before Christmas Eve.  But hey, you’re Santa. You can do anything.
So how about this: how about I just tell you what you can do to make my 2013 super speshul? Here’s what I want:
I want someone to ask Susan Ee when exactly she’s releasing the installment to Angelfall.
Santa, I’d be so happy if you can nudge the publisher of the above request to help a girl out, put me out of my misery by finally, FINALLY giving me some Qhuay/Blay love.

It’s not too much to ask, is it? Anywho, try not to kill some birds on your run, eat lots of cookies, drink jugs of milk and extend my regards to your wife. 
Love, kisses and maybe a little fondle.

(I realize my requests are quite ridiculous and there’s no chance in hell I’m ever going to win the draw but hey, I wanted to be honest with what I really want for Christmas so…)

On Second Thought…

 I’d like to thank the ladies of WinterHaven Books for letting me be a part of their Sleigh Tour.