Tour Stop: Finding Mia by Rachel Burke (An Excerpt)

TODAY’S tour stop of Finding Mia features an excerpt from the book. I’ve had the chance to read this book and all I can say is that, prepare yourself for an emotionally exhausting read. It tells a story of a family’s journey as they deal with her mother’s illness. Mia had pretty much accepted her role as the care-giver for her mother but when she tries to kill herself, Mia is forced to live with a father who abandoned them. 
The scene at the bottom tells an incident when Mia’s rebellion against her father landed her in trouble with the law. This also has a brief snippet of how Suzanne, her stepmother, actually felt about Mia’s father’s abandonment. 

“I just don’t know how you could’ve walked out of her life like that,” Suzanne said. “Here I’ve been trying to have children all these years, and meanwhile, you had one all along, one that you left without ever looking back.”
She stared at the floor for a long time, and when she looked up again, their eyes met. “Keith, children are a gift from God. They’re a part of you. There are people out there who can’t ever have children. People pay thousands of dollars just to have someone they can call their own, someone they can watch grow up, who make them feel like they’re a part of something. And you know, for a long time, I thought I was going to be one of those people. I never pictured you to be the type that would take that for granted.”
“Suzy, that was ten years ago. I’m a different person now.”
“Not different enough to try to be a part of her life again. If this hadn’t happened, what would you have done? Would you ever have told me about her? Would you ever have tried to see her again?”
Keith slammed his hand down on the nightstand, sending an empty glass sailing to the floor. “Do you know what’s it’s like to watch someone you love disappear before your eyes?” he yelled, his eyes searing into her. “To watch someone you’d give your own life for lie in bed all day long in pain, and there’s nothing you can say or do to make it any better? Goddamn it Suzanne, I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t walk away to hurt Mia, I loved Mia. I still love Mia. I walked away because I didn’t want to hurt anymore. Any by staying in Mia’s life, I was still a part of Denise’s life, and it was just too hard.”
Suzanne did know how it felt, to marry someone who turned into a complete stranger. She thought back to her first husband, a man who, at the beginning of their marriage, was Price Charming, and by the end, a drunk. She knew how heartbreaking it was to feel like the joke’s on you, to feel like you’re drowning with no way up.
Before she could relay this to Keith, the phone rang. Keith stood up, walked over to the bureau and picked up the receiver.
“Hello? Yes, this is he.” Keith’s eyes went wide. “Is she all right? Yes, yes, I’ll be right down.”
He hung up the phone and turned to face Suzanne.
“What is it?” she asked.
“It’s Mia,” he said. “She’s been arrested.” 

Publication Date: January 8th, 2012

Intelligent and fiercely independent, sixteen-year-old Mia Marchette has never had a childhood. After her father’s disappearance when she was six, she has alone borne the burden of her mother’s bipolar disorder.

When her mother is institutionalized after a failed suicide attempt, Mia is abruptly forced to live with the estranged father she has not known for ten years. She is shocked to discover that he has created a new, picture-perfect life for himself, and is now living with a stepmother and a half-sister Mia never knew she had. 

Together, Mia and her new family must face the bitterness, mistakes, and long-hidden secrets that threaten to destroy their precarious happiness.

Finding Mia follows Mia’s journey as she searches to find the unanswered questions from her past, leading to her own self-discovery.
Ultimately, this is a story of confronting pain and finding freedom, of letting go and learning to search for love in unexpected places.

Many thanks to AToMR and Rachel Burke for stopping by today!