Feed my Reader Friday [2]

Feed my Reader Friday is a weekly feature over at 
I am a Reader Not a Writer  which highlights all the e-books we’ve downloaded this week. 





Speechless by Kim Fielding. This book was so poignant and sweet. And for such a short novel, I feel the author has done an outstanding job of getting her point across.

Return to You by Kate Perry. This book surprised me. I enjoyed it immensely despite some minor issues.

Impossible by Komal Lewis. Unfortunately, this was a DNF. The female lead left a bad taste in my mouth and she was…GOD. She was impossible to like. 

Ink by Isabelle Rowan. This is actually a step up better than your usual PNR. I’ve always been a sucker for tatt’d up boys and this book has them.

You know what I just realized? There are soooo many freebies on Amazon! I seriously considered downloading them all! Lol. Anyway, as much as I’d like to say I’ll be reading all these soon, I can’t since…that’s virtually impossible. Sigh. But still, I’m actually pretty proud of myself for curbing my purchases this week to just three.

Didja get anything good this week? 🙂