November Rewind

November came and went in a hurry, didn’t it? I was riding on a reading momentum the first two weeks and then lost steam toward the end there. I’m not sure what happened. I think the chilly weather played a part in it as well. All I wanted to do was sleep. I’m like a freaking polar bear. Lol.

The best thing about last month was the transformation of the blog. I was getting bored with my minimalist look so I thought it was high time for a change. It still looks relatively zen but at least it has a bit of colour now. Anyway, I’d like to thank the fabulous, Dreamy Sim for her skillz, yo. I think we only exchanged one or two emails to figure out the look I was going for. Seriously, she’s amazing. 
Anyway, I read some this month but I wasn’t as productive as I’d like to be, I’m afraid. I’m hoping December will be different but I’m not holding my breath. Christmas is upon us so, hectic, hectic. No Christmas trip for us this year which means we’ll be busy carting the kiddies around from one family shindig after another. 
As far as my Goodreads goal (300) is concern, I know I won’t make it so I’m just shooting to break my record last year (289). 
Here’s what I read last month:
  1. Night Thief by Lisa Kessler
  2. Tempting the Player by J Lynn
  3. Innocent Fire by Brenda Joyce
  4. Dark Fires by Brenda Joyce
  5. Fire Storm by Brenda Joyce
  6. Violet Fire by Brenda Joyce
  7. Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
  8. Fifteen Shades of Gay by T. Baggins (reviewed on GOODREADS)
  9. Fires of Paradise by Brenda Joyce
  10. Scandalous Love by Brenda Joyce
  11. Rockoholic by CJ Skuse
  12. Splintered by AG Howard
  13. Broken Hart by Ella Fox
  14. In Flight by RK Lilley
  15. Mile High by RK Lilley
  16. The Edge of Never by JA Redmerski
  17. A Political Affair by Mary Whitney
  18. The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred
  19. Serial Summer by Angel Lawson
  20. Sanctum by Sarah Fine
Average Rating for November: 3.05 out of 5 Stars (stingy, much?)
RECOMMENDED READS: Sanctum by Sarah Fine, The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

The very first purge giveaway on the blog was won by:
Zemira Djedovic
She won the Violet Eden Series by Jessica Shirvington. 
Up Ahead…

TOUR STOP: December 10th. Hosted by A Tale of Many Reviews.
TOUR STOP: December 12th. Hosted by Winterhaven Books
TOUR STOP: December 18th. Hosted by Romantic Maidens Book Tours.
The other blog still needs a bit of tweaking so I’m not sure when we’re going to launch it now. It may happen this month or maybe we’ll do it in 2013. We’ll see. 
That’s what happened last month. 
How was your November?