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Looking for some deliciously creepy reads? Well, you’re in luck! Rhodi Hawk’s books which feature a psychologist with a family history of madness are not to be missed. Here’s your chance to win copies of both books. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below!


Psychologist Madeleine LeBlanc has spent her whole career trying to determine the cause of her father’s schizophrenia. She always felt that she could unravel its origins and cure the man who left her and her brother, Marc, to practically raise themselves on the Louisiana Bayou. But when Marc takes his own life on a fishing boat in the middle of Bayou Black, Madeleine embarks on a journey into her family history—to a time when the antebellum era was crumbling, and the line between servant and master was starting to fade. And the more she pries the more she reveals her family’s dark past, rife with conjured demons and river magic gone awry. Madeleine’s only hope to save herself is to face the ghosts of the past, the dangers of the present, and the twisted ladder that links them all together.


Psychologist Madeleine LeBlanc is desperate to escape the madness that has followed her family for a century.  She’s struggling to adjust to her new-found power and to stick to the pact that protects her sanity. 

But an innocent little boy is being hunted—by Madeleine’s half brother and her great-grandmother, Chloe, and by the demons they control.  The boy is a threat to their bloodline, to their very nature, but Madeleine cannot let his young life be callously destroyed.
Thrust into an age-old battle of dark versus light, Madeleine dives deep into the history of her family and into the vast paranormal underworld of New Orleans, a world seemingly controlled by her great-grandmother.
The only way to stop Chloe lies past the tangled bridge that could lead to great power…or total 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Rhodi Hawk has been fascinated by storytelling since her earliest memory, when her grandmother read to her from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Rhodi has been reading or writing ever since, and began her career as a transcription linguist in US Army intelligence. She later made a living as a technical writer during the Internet boom, working on her first novel in the early mornings and at night.  Rhodi Hawk won the International Thriller Writers Scholarship for her first work of fiction, A Twisted Ladder. She is represented by Peter Miller of PMA Literary and Film Management.  A compulsive traveler, she lives in Magnolia, TX with a host of critters, including her husband, Hank.

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