Firestorm [Bragg Saga #2] by Brenda Joyce

Publication Date: January 13th, 2009
Format: Kindle Edition
RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars
Storm Bragg could outshoot and outride any man, but her family decided it was time she traded in her buckskins for a ballgown and made her debut in San Francisco society.Quickly pursued by every eligible gentleman in town, the young hellcat from Texas had eyes for only one, and he was no gentleman.Brett D’Archand was a self-made success — arrogant, impossibly attractive, blatantly sensual — and looking for a wife who would give him respectability.

Storm was completely bewitched by him, but she made him lose his head as well as his heart. And, threatened by scandal and ruin, they are forced to wed — a tempestuous union of free spirits, shackled only by the irrepressible bonds of love.

The second book to the Bragg Saga tells the story of the middle child, Storm. When her parents worried that she’ll never be the lady she’s meant to be, they shipped her off to San Francisco where she’s to spend the summer coming out to the society. It wasn’t easy; the girl-woman was wild with a penchant for speaking her mind and would rather be riding her horse Demon than hobnob with the society. With her unusual beauty and stature, it didn’t take long till men noticed. And when entrepreneur Brett D’Archand saw her, he was instantly bewitched. Too bad she was too rough for his taste. The two rubbed each other the wrong way but couldn’t deny their attraction. One compromising rendezvous led to a shotgun wedding. But what started off as a misfortune quickly turned into disaster as neither wanted to give in to the chemistry that’s palpable between them.  One way or another, their sham of a marriage would end…that’s if they don’t kill each other first.

The Bragg kids are all grown up and having lives of their own. I was excited to read this one because from what I briefly read about Storm in the first book. I just knew she wouldn’t be the wilting violet like her mother was. She’s named quite so aptly. 

I’m glad that there wasn’t too much violence in this one but again, the author has a thing with rape. I don’t know. Perhaps it was a thing back in the days but men can’t seem to help themselves. This book also had incest – which is kinda weird. I didn’t think people from back then would actually be involve in such impropriety. But I haven’t read too much Historicals so, what do I really know?
Scheming women is the name of the game of here instead of men killing each other. I think one of the things I can only complain about is the soap opera-level of predictability with these books. I’ve only read a couple, this being the second one. There was this brother/sister tandem that drugged the hero so and set it up so the heroine would find her beloved in bed with another woman. I think I saw that episode from Days of Our Lives before. Heh.
Storm was very quick to forgive Brett, in my opinion. I think in some ways, her heritage didn’t really shine through. She’s  half-Apache. I think, I’ll neuter the man if I’d find out he bedded his mistress on our wedding night. But I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, two sides to the coin and such. I was just hoping for more fireworks but as soon as Brett turned on the charms, Storm is quickly swept away.
Predictable though as they were, these books are so addictive! I have read the first two books in two days and am looking forward to the rest. 

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