Confessions of an Addict [15]: Random Incoherence with Whining on the Side.

Yesterday, in a sudden flash of ingenuous wisdom, I decided to reorganize my shelves. My bedroom looked like it was ransacked; there literally were books everywhere. I was buried and there’s this overwhelming feeling – a panic, that for the first time in my life, I might have to consider this concept called, “Book Buying Ban”. I didn’t get to bed until two in the morning. My body aches everywhere. I lugged books from the second floor of my house to the basement. That’s two sets of stairs at twelve steps each. It literally feels like I’ve been knocked around by a 2 x 4.

My to read books are housed in a bookshelf upstairs in our bedroom. The reality is, I’m pretty sure the joists on my bedroom floor is not capable of holding the weight. The shelves are stacks deep and while organizing them, came the discovery of releases that are now about two years old. They’re unread.

I have started this meme on the blog called, From Splurge to Purge, wherein I will try my best to host a bi-monthly giveaway for books that I bought, read and didn’t like, or haven’t read and will likely not read. It is a shame. I AM ashamed. Every week, right around Tuesdays, I always find myself lurking in my bookstore, hunting for new releases. There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t have a delivery from Amazon or bags of books from recent jaunts.

I am an addict.

I need to have new books every week.

The idea of not finding a box of books from Amazon waiting at my doorstep is terrifying.

The idea of going to the bookstore and not end up buying anything leaves me in cold sweat.

I rue the day when I get home from work and there I’ll find friends and family sitting around my living room along with a therapist announcing an intervention of sorts.

They said the first step to healing is admitting your problem.

Well, duh.

Yes, I know I have a problem.

Yes, I know I’m out of control.

No one knows this better than I do.

Now that I admitted it, what do I do now? It’s easy to suggest that I should stop buying books. There are publishers and authors who are more than willing to send me books for reviews. But. I’m a lazy person and I don’t really have any connections. I don’t have many contacts and as such my blog is just another tad pole in a huge pond.

What is the point to this post? Nothing, really. But hey, if you feel the same way, you are not alone. I’m here for ya. Let us hoard books without guilt. Love them, cherish them and dust them off once in a while.

My bedroom still looks like a torrid mess. I’ve not been able to complete the organization. My bookshelf also houses my husband’s tv that unfortunately, if I want access to my books, I have to close the door…and it’s Sunday. Football Sunday. I’m pretty sure if I disturb his Sunday ritual, he’ll file for divorce on the next business day.

Thanks for reading my post. You can always count on me to waste a minute or two of your time.



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