Purge! [1]: The Violet Eden Series G!veaway


verb.  cleanse  purify – clean – clear – refine – scour
noun.  purification – cleaning – purgative – purgation


It’s a little known fact that I hoard books.
It’s also a little known fact that I buy some of them with the asinine intention of completing the series, regardless of how much I, er, didn’t like the first book.
There are multitudes of reasons why I buy books; and I’m sure that if my husband caught wind of all the stupid reasons I buy them, he’ll cut me off faster than I can say, FLOUNCE.
These books for instance.

If you truly know me, then you’d know first hand how much I adore Australian authors. This is one of those times when I threw caution to the wind and spent an enormous amount of money shipping these books from Australia. Sigh. Unfortunately, our love affair didn’t last. I had to break it off with the old, it’s not you, it’s me routine. 
Love triangle. ✓ 
Wishy-washy character. ✓ 
Unoriginal take on the angels myth. ✓
We’re just not meant to be, yanno?
Now, there are supposed to be five books to this series and I managed(?!) to buy all four. In US and in Canada, there are only two of these books out. They are:
So how about I play cupid and try to make a love match between one lucky reader and all four of The Violet Eden Series, the Aussie version? Sounds good? Enter below:
  2. Must be at least 13 years of age to enter.
  3. Host (that’s me) WILL NOT be responsible for items lost in the mail. I’m not kidding. I keep saying this and yet when someone wins a book here and they say they didn’t get it, I go ahead and compensate. Well, I’m not doing that anymore. So please. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LOST IN THE MAIL. Mmmkay? Thanks. 
  4. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to reply with their deets or another winner will be drawn. 
Check ’em out!

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  • Aren't we all a little crazy when it comes to books?! That's why we're all here! 🙂 I have my own fair share of craziness so to me, you're perfectly normal. 🙂

  • You might be crazy, but definitely in a good way! I totally appreciate your book craziness and I know I'm a bit crazy when it comes to books : )

  • I have book issues with my dad. He's always saying “Why you have to buy more books?” and I'm always like “Dude, calm down, I already read the ones I have”. If I tell him I want books for birthday or for Christmas he's always makes this face O.o LOL!. (Ileana A.-rafflecopter)

  • I would say that you are amazing and crazy!!! But I love the crazy people.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • You're not crazy! We all hoard books. We wouldn't be the crazy book people, if we didn't. Just remind yourself, you're not alone! 🙂

  • haha I think we're all a little crazy at some point! 😉

    Thanks for a super awesome giveaway!!

  • Or what! Definitely or what! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway. I almost shed tears when I saw the awesomeness that you are giving away to some lucky, lucky person. You know what, you may just be crazy! In a totally fabulous way, of course!

  • I read their synopsis and they sounds great!
    I think it's just different for everyone. And, an author can't please all readers as well, of course.
    If ever I win, I wish I would like them! 🙂

  • Yes! You're crazy and I'm thankful for that 😀
    Thank you very much!

  • If you are then I am too! If we were all normal then the world would be a very boring place! So alls good!

  • You're the awesome kind of crazy! 🙂
    Thanks for making this awesome giveaway international! 🙂

  • Your crazy but we love u lol thanks for the epic giveaway

  • We are all crazy when it comes to buying books,well,at least I am. Aussie authors drink some magical water down there and it makes their books especially freaking awesome.

  • Yep, you're “crazy” for hosting this awesome giveaway!
    And by crazy I mean “good crazy” LOL

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • No you're not crazy! I would do the same, if I had the money! 😀 (and in Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory style, I'M NOT CRAZY! MY MOTHER GOT ME TESTED! ) lol greetings and thanks for the giveaway

  • You're definitely crazy. Long gone. Completely kookoo. But aren't we all? 😉

  • Lol! If you're crazy, so am I! Book crazy. I hoard books to. It's where a lot of my money goes, and my husband complains too! Lol Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Hahahaha, your question made me laugh 😀 Nah, you're not. This is the awesomest giveaway that I've seen in a while and thank you for making it international 🙂

  • Hahaha I LOL-ed at your question 😛

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Yes. You're definitely crazy. But the AWESOME with a capital A kind of crazy 😉

  • We know you are crazy in love with books! I don't see any problem in that, you are way too cool 😉

  • You're too AWESOME to be crazy! Thanks for this FAB Giveaway…You're giving readers another book to pine for which are all cover-love worth books, that's super cool so who said you're crazy???! 🙂

    -Riz B.

  • I think all book lovers are bit crazy! 🙂 Btw how cares! 🙂 I like it. Normal is so overrated! 🙂 Thank you for amazing giveaway cause I haven't read any book form this series and I'd love to 🙂

  • My husband doesn't understand my book issues, sometimes you just have to have them. I have done the same thing, bought the whole series like they are going to disappear if I don't get all of them right now. There is also the lazy factor, if I like one I don't want to find myself running out in pajamas to get the next in the series because I can't wait.

  • Ohh I haven't read those but trust me, I have them too. Lol. 🙂

  • You are but we love you for it <3 To be honest I may have done it a few times myself and am now stuck with the books *cough cough* Iron Witch *cough cough* lol That is just my more recent one!! I love the Aussie covers and thank you so much for holding this giveaway!

  • Jayyyyy!

    Right? But I must admit, I like the US covers better than the Aussie's. 🙂

  • Perfect! I wish you luck. 🙂

  • Just to answer the questions, I think you are but you know I love you 🙂

    Can I just rant about how inconsistent the US cover is? I mean seriously… the first one is totally different from the second one. I've heard good things about the series, sad that it didn't work out well.

    We Fancy Books

  • Ahhh, you have all FOUR??? I love this series… Thank you so much for the giveaway! I also have the problem of buying an entire series before reading book 1… I think my mind expects me to love the series and want to immediately read all the books back to back without any wait.