Tour Stop: Shelf Envy [14] with Adrien-Luc Sanders

Today, author of From the Ashes, a paranormal romance offering from Entangled Publishing graces the blog for another Shelf Envy post. Here at the blog, I’d like to not only let my readers feast on bookshelves from the people that I’ve come to know through the book community but I’d also like to see just what books they’re reading. I strive to make others known about books that we may not be interested in but I’d like to give them a chance to hear about them as well. Time and time again, I’m overcome with guilt when a guest would mention books that I’ve not even heard of. And it couldn’t be more true in Adrien’s case. Well, let’s see what he’s got, shall we?
I kind of feel pathetic looking at my teensy bookshelves, but I lost most of my original collection in Hurricane Katrina, and I’ve been rebuilding it digitally on my Sony Reader and Nook ever since. I have thousands of books on there, but can’t really take photos of that.

What was the last book you purchased? 

Is there a book (or an author) that had inspired you to write? 

I think it would be easier to list the ones who didn’t inspire me to write than the ones who did; there are so many. I grew up with books as my best friends, and authors as my heroes. C.S. Friedman, Diane Duane, Richard Adams, Ursula K. LeGuin, Charles de Lint, Orson Scott Card–and then as I got older Neil Gaiman, and so many more. I’m a complete book omnivore and devour them voraciously, so I can’t really say any one author or book fostered my addiction to the written word when so many of them went into shaping my understanding of storytelling, and my desire to continue the tradition.

If you could choose one character among the many that you’ve read so far, who would be the one that you think is an echo of your personality? 

Marc Remillard from Julian May’s Galactic Milieu trilogy. He had this crushing desire to make something of himself, to the point where he made some questionable, damaging decisions–very bad choices that made him into someone he wasn’t proud of. I’ve been there, and looking back I’m not proud of the person I became. Granted, my bad choices never came close to engineering the downfall of dozens of sentient races, but they still hurt me and a few people I loved. I can see a lot of myself in him: he wants to be something more, wants to better himself, but is sometimes too impatient to take the right path to get what he wants. He’s rash, impetuous, and thinks his intelligence lets him get away with anything, but is overall a good guy who lets his emotions influence his choices too much. That describes teenage me perfectly, and there’s still a bit of that boy in the man I’ve become.

Inquiring minds want to know: What is your guilty read? 

It’s probably going to sound weird, but Tom Holland’s Lord of the Dead. It’s a pretty old book, and tells the story of one of Lord Byron’s descendants discovering he’s still alive. And a vampire. It’s an almost ridiculously campy book, unintentionally so, but that’s what makes it so fun.

Who is your go-to author when you’re on a reading slump? 

Jean M. Auel, with her Earth’s Children series, especially the first: Clan of the Cave Bear. I know, I know, everyone calls them caveman porn. But the details of the world-building fascinate me; it’s like a stone-age survival handbook, right down to how to prepare a tincture of certain roots to ease a cough or how to build a pit trap when one hunter isn’t enough to take down a large animal. I mean, I’m pretty sure there’s a big “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” written between the lines, but it’s still interesting to read about and it helps me pull my brain out of critical mode and into information-sponge mode.

Thank you, Adrien for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by today. Your reading choices are intimidating to say the least but I’ll be sure to check out these books – especially Lord of the Dead. It sounds like an interesting take on the vampire folklore starring one of the most revered poets of all time. 🙂

Adrien’s book, From the Ashes  is now available for purchase at these stores:

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(Love this book!)

Sociopath. Killer. Deviant. Monster, devoid of morals, incapable of human emotion. The villain known as Spark has been called that and more, and as a super-powered aberrant has masterminded countless crimes to build his father’s inhuman empire.
Yet to professor Sean Archer, this fearsome creature is only Tobias Rutherford–antisocial graduate researcher, quiet underachiever, and a fascinating puzzle Sean is determined to solve.
One kiss leads to an entanglement that challenges everything Tobias knows about himself, aberrants, and his own capacity to love. But when his father orders him to assassinate a senator, one misstep unravels a knot of political intrigue that places the fate of humans and aberrants alike in Tobias’s hands. As danger mounts and bodies pile deeper, will Tobias succumb to his dark nature and sacrifice Sean–or will he defy his father and rise from the ashes to become a hero in a world of villains?

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