Shelf Envy [7]: Kai of Amaterasureads

On deck, y’all is Kai of Amaterasureads! A week or so ago, I posted a picture of my TBR bookshelves on Twitter and we got to talking about how impossible it is to stop buying, borrowing, begging and acquiring books no matter how buried we are. She then commented that at least my bookshelves are organized. I ribbed her back and said that I doubt hers was a mess and boy, oh boy. The girl proved me wrong! Wait till you see this, ladies and gents!

Floor Pile #1!

Floor Pile #2!

From Kai: These books tell me that I need to buy a new book case soon.
(*snorts* no need to state the obvious there, Kai!)

Half Shelf #1

Half Shelf #2

Shelf photos: This one’s inside my room, squeezed between the closet & drawer slash TV stand, so it looks weird and out of place. Majority of the books on the book case are duplicates books I haven’t read yet. I’m double shelving, so there are books behind those books you see.

 (Ah yes, the ol’ stacking books on top of stacks. I am familiar with the concept!)

Study table: Everything here are books I’ve read, and duplicates as well.

You sure have lots of duplicates! I believe you asked me if I’ve ever heard of the word, “purging”. Kettle, pot, black. LOL! Anyway, you have tons of books! I wonder what percentage of that are books read? Hmm…

What was the last book you purchased?
The last book I purchased was Tiger’sCurse by Colleen Houck. If you have not read the series then you should! I’m not sure why I stopped reading the first book without really finishing it but it’s really good. I was checking a random Book Sale branch while waiting for my older sister and I saw pristine, hardback copies being sold for 130 php (which is US $3!) so I bought a copy and now I’m gonna try getting back to reading the series. *waves Team Ren banners*
When did you start collecting books?
10 years ago? I’ve been reading way before that though. My mom had this massive collection of romance novels so growing up, that’s what I’ve been reading. But I didn’t really start collecting books until Harry Potter was published, since it was the first (non Harlequin, Mills & Boon) series that I’ve read and loved. It just piled up from there.
Who are your ultimate top 5 best authors?
Oh wow, this is hard. Just 5? Really? Okay then.
What is the most scandalous book on your shelves?
Do I have one? Can you consider the Black Dagger Brotherhood series scandalous? No, I don’t think so. I have a few ‘controversial’ books though, those that have been challenged and/or banned. I don’t have Fifty Shades, so I guess, NONE. 🙂
Where do you buy your books?
I live near this place, so Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street! Though most of my (local) finds are from book sales like National Bookstore’s Book Sale Madness or the Manila International Book Fair. But since I mostly get books sent to me by publishers for review, or not released here soon enough, I buy from Book Depository.
Haha! I guess you can consider BDB as scandalous. 🙂 

Thank you so much, Kai. I’m sure majority of your blog followers are interested to see what your bookshelves look like. I’m just glad you indulged me today by letting me invade your privacy! Lol. 

So, readers? What do you think? Shall we run an intervention for our friend, Kai? 🙂

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