Delicious [Wicked Lovers #3] by Shayla Black

Publication Date: March 2nd, 2010
Berkley Trade
Format: Paperback, 353 pages
RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars
Savor this: the new contemporary erotica in the Wicked Lovers series, from the author of Decadent
Luc’s entire future is planned out-but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa, a strip club owner with whom Luc recently shared one night of wild abandon. It left Luc terrified by his loss of self­control-and Alyssa desperate for more. But Luc is not the only man desperate to have Alyssa…and that’s just one of her secrets-secrets as dark and mysterious and delicious as her fantasies.

Warning: Mature review for a mature book.

It didn’t take me long to finish this book; and this time, it wasn’t because I skipped the sex scenes. Heh. This book was hot! As in, Ghost chilli hot in the Scoble scale. Even so, I was still not as enamoured as I expected to be with this series but I’m going to plow through; because no matter how many times I quibble and complain about these books, I can’t deny that I’m addicted. I’ve said this before; Ms. Black can burn off the pages with her steamy erotica and wouldn’t you know it? I can’t look away.

The Gist: After a steamy night spent with Alyssa, Luc worked very hard at avoiding her. As far as Luc was concerned, there’s no room in his life for the sex goddess. It doesn’t matter if he can’t be around the woman without getting all hot under the collar, or that he couldn’t even feign interest in the women whom he thinks are the right ‘marriage material’; he just refused to acknowledge the fact that Alyssa got under his skin and in the bad way. A week working with Alyssa is a not a good idea but he can’t turn back on his promise and crush the woman’s dream to get out of the stripping business. Especially when he learned that her life is constantly threatened by men who lust after her.

Alyssa has it all planned out: seduce Luc to her bed and make him want her enough so he’d never leave. But she didn’t anticipate Luc’s steadfast determination for a future married to the ‘right’ woman, have 2.5 kids with her and white picket fences. She also didn’t realize just how discriminatory the man was to a woman like her whose part time profession was disrobing in front of men. He simply didn’t trust her as far as he can zip up his pants when she was around. They can burn up the sheets but she doesn’t see a future with a man whose idea of the right woman doesn’t involve money earned in the flesh industry. Even more so to a woman whose past keeps knocking on her door and intent on ending her life.

The Review: Don’t get me wrong, this book was light years better than its predecessor. But Luc didn’t really give me the warm fuzzy feeling, ya know? Actually, he was one discriminatory Alyssa is such a slut-whore opinion away from being neutered. I’m not kidding. I wanted to rip his balls off and feed it to him. She was good enough to warm his bed but because she’s a former stripper-turned-club owner, he thinks that he’s too good for her. Excuse me while I hunt down a pair of dull, rusted pair of scissors.

I wanted Alyssa to run as far away from this guy and actually run to Tyler’s, her bodyguard, arms. She definitely deserved someone as good and most definitely not Luc. He did have an about-face eventually but by then, it was hard to like him.

Alyssa was a dichotomy, in my opinion. She’s strong, independent, beautiful but man, was she weak when it comes to Luc! Okay, so maybe I can’t really blame her, love tends to weaken the strong it seems like.

As far as story-telling goes, I’m sensing a pattern here; Ms. Black likes you to believe that when the initial perp is caught (in this case, Alyssa’s creepy stalker), the story ends there. But she’s actually not satisfied until at least two more suspects play with her like a cat plays with a mouse before it eats it. So yeah, for the next three remaining books to this series, I guess I’m not going to rest easy until I flipped to the end of the book.

The Verdict: Shayla Black’s scorching tales have just enough enjoyable qualities that will distract you – even for a tiny second – from their flaws. Regardless of how many times I wanted to make a Eunuch out of Luc, I still enjoyed this book.

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