Shelf Envy [5]: Kara-Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews

First, I got her to create a Twitter account.

Second, I got her to guest-post in today’s edition of Shelf Envy. 

Hmmm…what else can I get this woman to do for me? [Starts plotting…]

I’m such a huge fan of Karina; her reviews are always honest, succinct, and very informative. She’s such a nice lady who tolerates my book hoarding idiosyncrasies, though I can tell she wants to tell me to get bent some days. LOL! 

Anyway, today, I’ve got Kara-Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews to give us a peek at her bookshelves. 


Can I just say, how much I love your shelves? The antique suits your steampunk collection perfectly. 🙂
What was the last book you purchased?

      The Iron Wyrm Affair by LiIlith Saintcrow

What is the most random thing on your bookshelf (book, trinkets)?

 A card by an author (and a rock musician) Jeremy Wagner that says “I write and I rock.” I thought that was awesome!

Name your absolute top 5 books.

That’s tough, Joy. My mind goes blank… Let’s go with the books that affected me so much along the course of my life, they changed my literary preferences and the way I look at things. Veronica Decides to Die by Paolo Coelho, Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton, Feed by Mira Grant, Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews and Angelique, Marquise Des Anges by SergeAnne Golon.

What is the most scandalous book in your collection?

 An m/m romance saga by Aleksander Voinov “Special Forces”. It’s free on his website, more than 600 pages on pdf, and it’s phenomenal. I don’t read m/m/ romance as a rule, but this is something beyond any rules and reading habits, this writer is a force of nature.

What’s your favourite genre and why?

 Urban Fantasy. I can not resist a strong chick in leather kicking ass and saving the world. It’s an ultimate feminist fantasy. A woman in control of her destiny and capable of changing lives and minds of others. For me UF has everything: non-stop action without overly sweet love story, great paranormal plot and intriguing world-building.

What book would you recommend for me to read?

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel and The Genius and The Muse by Elizabeth Hunter. I think you’d like them both.

I too, have read Special Forces (only partially) and I completely agree. If you can’t get past the first two chapters, then it’s probably not for you. It was a brutal read made even more difficult by the author’s ruthless, factual writing. 
We have such different tastes in books! But that’s the best part about interacting with other book lovers: discovering what else is out there besides what we’re comfortable with. 
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, K. 🙂
Kiss, kiss, hug, hug. 
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So, dear readers. What do you think of Karina’s bookshelves? Have you read any of the books she’s mentioned? She’s got a book buying ban in effect at the moment. Let’s all wish her luck, shall we? 

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