Shelf Envy [3]: We Fancy Books

Hello! Welcome to another edition of Shelf Envy. Today, the fabulous, TheJay2xA of We Fancy Books  will share some incredible insights into his book collection. He’s taken some fantastic photos of his bookshelves and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I see Unravel Me. I’m dying of jealousy! And oh my, how can we tell you love Cassie Clare? LOL!
J: When did you start collecting your books?
WFB: Let me start by saying that I was never a book person before.  I did read the popular books: Twilight (I still need to read Breaking Dawn), Harry Potter Series (which I did not finish) and Lord of The Rings (which I flounced). I started collecting when I rekindled my passion for reading. I was told to read The Hunger Games and totally loved it. Then City of Bones, which is probably the most epic of them all.
J: Name the absolute top 5 books in your shelves.
WFB: Hmm this is really HARD but probably City of Bones (currently on loan), The Fault in Our Stars, Pandemonium, Legend and Beautiful Creatures 😀
J: Hardcopy? Paperback? E-copy? Why?
WFB: Hardcopy as much as possible! The hardback feels really…hard? *smirks* Paperback if the hardback is not available and E-copy for those Net Galley Titles. A book is a book. I have no preference, I guess.
J: What is the most controversial book in your shelves?
WFB: Controversial… well it should be Fifty Shades but it’s not here… yet (on order). But if I were to pick it would be… Possession by Elana Johnson – based on my reaction. I did NOT like the book at all.
J: What is the most random thing on your bookshelf? (knick knacks, trinkets…etc.)
Nothing really. Aside from the randomness of the way I shelved my books!
Thanks so much, Jay. If you guys are not aware, this guy pushed me into blogging. If it weren’t for his encouragements, I wouldn’t have hiked up my skirt and go into the deep end. I owe him big! I thought it was only appropriate that Jay begins my second year of blogging as my Shelf Envy guest so I hope you’ll give him some love when you encounter him on Twitter or on their blog.

Ohhh and I’m intrigued that you didn’t like Possession at all. I think I have books 1 and 2 of this series! Me thinks, I must bump these books up, tout suite!