Taking Chase [Chase Brothers #2] by Lauren Dane

Publication Date: February 1st, 2007
Samhain Publishing, LTD.
Format: Kindle Edition
RATING: 3 out of 5 Stars
Cassie Gambol is on the run. In what seems like another lifetime, her ex-husband nearly ended her life and effectively ended her successful career as a vascular surgeon. But even though the justice system found him guilty of attempted murder, he fled while awaiting sentencing and Carly Sunderland became Cassie Gambol.
Fleeing Los Angeles, she heads to small and off the map Petal, Georgia to start her life again. Shane Chase, a man whos held himself away from commitment since his fiance dumped him several years before knows the beautiful newcomer is hiding something. Hes wildly attracted to her strength and her underlying vulnerability as well.
But the last thing Cassie wants is another big, overwhelming man who wants to control her life. A battle begins between Shane, who knows what he wants and Cassie, who knows she needs to do everything she can to keep a distance between herself and the very handsome sheriff.
But Cassie’s ex is back and he wants her dead.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, some violent situations.

This was slightly better than the first book of the series but not that much. I think it had something to do with the time Ms. Dane took to develop her characters a bit better. Shane, though… I can’t say that I’ve changed my mind about him even if the author worked hard at giving him some substance.

In Giving Chase, he was the commitment-phobe who treated Maggie horribly. His excuse? A bad experience with a cheating ex. What I don’t understand was that this phobia simply evaporated with Cassie. Okay, okay. I get it. Blah blah destiny…whatever. But there wasn’t even any residual or anything, not until the end anyway. I just couldn’t see someone changing personalities that fast. He actually went all guns ablazing without any qualms about starting a relationship with her. There was no hesitation at all.

This book was also a little more of an emotional heavy-weight than the first book and that’s primarily because it dealt with Cassie’s history of abuse. For the most part, her story was a text book case only her ex was borderline murderous. I like how Cassie was determined to take care of herself but sometimes, her reluctance to accept help was a bit over the top. And Shane. Jesus Murphy Jones. That’s not how you handle a woman with a history of abuse. You’re supposed to check your He-Man antics at the door, fool.

VERDICT: Over all, I think we’re heading in the right direction even though I’m still not finding any chemistry between characters and I’m still not finding anything remotely addictive about these books. I’m not even sure I’m at all interested in reading the next two. But I’m not about to add another item to THINGS JOY STARTED AND DIDN’T FINISH list.

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