Bookshelf Tour 2.0


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but today I thought I’d give you a tour of my bookshelf. But this one is actually my bookshelves in my cabin. My predilection to hoard books is finally serving its purpose! My collection there consists of favourites, flounced series, can’t-get-to-yet, and planning to read. Of course, this bookshelf tour would’ve been more awesome had I’d grown a pair and film a vlog but I’d rather not scare the masses with my ugly mug. 🙂
My pretend ladder. As if my bookshelves are even tall enough! Lol. I somehow ended up decorating the cabin in Paris themed decors. As such, I’ve oodles of all things Paris. I’ve never been there, though I wish! My kids’ pictures are up on top along with some pictures of the lake.

This is the profile shot of my bookshelves. All in all, there are four free standing shelves that my husband worked very hard at assembling.
I have duplicate copies of books there that are my favourites. Surprisingly enough, I don’t have any Melina Marchetta books. I know right?
I also have multitude of books there that I’ve started but have long since quit on. In Blue Blood’s defence, I never read them but have decided not to read the series. I’m not into Gossip Girl type of books and this series screamed just that. Mark of Night (?) by PC Cast was just…too awful for words along with Thirst series by Christopher Pike.

Nightshade was good. Wolfsbane and Bloodrose were just ridiculous. Tiger’s Curse…I would need an entire post for that series. You’ll notice that even though I’ve flounced on these books, I still managed to complete the series on a couple of them. I’m a bit anal when it comes to incomplete series on my shelves so regardless of how much I loathe the books, I make it a point to complete it. Crazy. 
(Series I’m planning to read.)
I haven’t heard much about the Anita Blake series other than they’re overdrawn. I may still try to pick these books up but it will not be until the distant…distant…distant…future.

I read the first book of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of Underworld series and liked it. I haven’t had the opportunity to pick the books back up. Maybe someday…
(The most scandalous book on my shelf.)
A friend of mine from Norway (@Weegie_87) sent this book to me. Apparently, I need a bit of education as to the different types…and shapes. 🙂
So that’s it. My bookshelves at the cabin. 🙂

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