Introducing: Throwback Thursdays and Other Blog News

Once upon a time, I was a big reader of gothic novels. And it’s not the comtemporary kind either. I was stocked with Daphne du Maurier‘s books and of course, the prerequisite, Brontë sisters’. But that’s not all I was interested in; from time to time, I can be seen with an autobiography of some obscure quasi celebrity. Lately though, I’m afraid I seemed to be stuck with young adult and romance. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you and I know how vast the literary world is. I thought it was high time I broaden my reading spectrum.
So I decided to create a new feature on the blog called, THROWBACK THURSDAY. This is where I allow myself to read a classic once a week and write a brief note of what I thought of it. I started a book last week by Henry Miller as my initiation to this venture. And let me tell you, I was a bit awe-struck by how different it is; there are no coy looks exchanged between boys and girls, no mind games between men and women on a quest to one-up the other. This book was as adult-themed as can be and aside from some rough stops and starts, I managed to enjoy the brief moment of fulfillment when I finally finished an age-appropriate book. Quiet Days in Clichy was worlds different from all the other books I’ve ever read, for sure. 
It’s not that I’m weaning myself from YA; I just want to have a versatile selection of books at home. I feel a twinge of guilt every time someone would ask what type of books I read. Don’t get wrong, I am not embarrassed to be reading books geared toward the teens audience, but sometime in one person’s life will come a realization that you can’t be living out a life that you’ve missed out on. And this, my fellow book lovers, is why I love reading YA so much. It’s to make up for the teenage life that I never had [sniffs]. 
Anyway, I still love YA and love all the scintillating thrills of reading a good romance novel. But I’m diving into the deeper end and who knows, maybe I’ll finally find my niche that’s actually appropriate for this mom of 2, wife of 1, 37 year-old book nerd. 🙂
In Other News…

Last week marked the last time that the blog participated in In My Mailbox. I will be implementing HOARDERS, Books Edition which means that I will not be posting my book hauls every week. In order for me to give the meme’s title justice, the haul has to be enormous. And yeah, I realized that mine has been usually big as it is, but I decided that I needed to do my own thing. This change has nothing to do about whatever happened in the past and I stand by my opinions about The Story Siren. 
Another reason why I’m not doing this weekly is that, I find that my schedule has been booked solid and I can no longer find the time to do book haul posts weekly. I know that having this post weekly gives the blog regular traffic but I haven’t really been posting links of my IMMs to The Story Siren’s blog and am still garnering hits. I think I have awesome followers who regularly checks the blog anyway. 
Coming Soon to a Blog Near You! 

SHELF ENVY! Specifics to be revealed soon. 

Talk to you all later!