Guest Post: Angel Lawson

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Today on the blog, I have the lovely author of Wraith, Angel Lawson with some fun insights about her book. If you haven’t read it, I will have the deets at the bottom on how you can snag yourself a copy. I have read and reviewed the book and was amazed by how fantastic this book was. You can check out my review here.

So I asked Angel to do a little bit of word associations for me. The first things that popped in her head when following words were mentioned are in  BLUE.
WRAITH – What?
JANE – Strong.
CONNOR – Trouble.
EVAN – Lost.

Describe your book in 143 characters or less.
@Wraith is A YA thriller with a ghost, a bad-boy and an emotionally fragile girl who try to fight their way to freedom, sanity and love.
(A bit of a background, Connor is one of those endearingly persistent guy, so for the better half of the book, he can be seen annoying Jane but in the cutest way possible. So here’s a transcript of their convo on Twitter.)
Talkswithghosts @tagger where are you?

Talkswithghosts @tagger you said you would use this account.

Talkswithghosts @tagger Seriously. Where are you?

Talkswithghosts @tagger …

ArtsyAva @talkswithghosts I knew he would bail on tweeting.

Talkswithghosts @artsyava Evan would have tweeted me.

ArtsyAva @talkswithghosts Who?

Talkswithghosts @artsyava Nevermind.

@tagger fine. pick me up in five #weak


1.   I’m Not Okay—My Chemical Romance

2.   This Woman’s Work-Greg Laswell

3.   Creep-Radio Head

4.   Changes-Stars

5.   Fade into You-Mazzy Star

6.   Breathe Me-Sia

7.   Love the Way You Lie-Eminem & Rhianna

8.   Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands—Elliot Smith

9.   Up All Night-Blink 182

10.  Return to Innocence—Engima

I’d like to thank Angel for stopping by on the blog today. Check out the book trailer for Wraith and please don’t miss out on this wonderful book! 

FIND ANGEL HERE: Web | Twitter | Goodreads

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