Film Review: The Hunger Games

Well, the most anticipated movie is here, lovelies! We’ve only waited for this film for forever and a day. And even though I wasn’t in on the whole countdown thing, I was still dying with anticipation to watch this. I don’t know about you but I’ve been burned by so many books-to-movie films lately that I’ve learned to lower my expectations. I’m so happy to report that this is one of those rare occasions where the film gave the book justice!

I was lucky enough to have been given free passes to the advance screening, all thanks to Toshiba Canada and Social Media Women (@shesconnected). But all this wouldn’t be possible had the lovely, Natalie not informed me that they were looking for Winnipeg bloggers to watch and review the film. So thank you all so much!

As I mentioned previously, this film stayed genuine to the book. I think we have to thank Suzanne Collins for playing a big part not just with the screenplay but the entire movie production and perhaps even a little bit of the direction. Either that or Gary Ross read the series with the same fanatical zest as we did because he managed to capture the reasons why I loved the book to begin with. I sat in the theatre completely engrossed, nary a blink, and holding my breath for the next thrill and suspense.

I was in absolute awe of the dystopian world that they managed to envision. I have read countless of books that have been set in this world and I’ve never been so happy to see it come alive. There were wild costumes, wigs and outlandish cosmetics used in this movie which perfectly contrasted the depression-era type of environment among the districts.

All in all, I think they couldn’t have better immortalized the Capitol and District 12 in this film any more than what I’ve imagined in the book.

I also love that they put just enough violence to make it believable but not enough to restrict ratings. They made it just so that we’d be able to imagine the parts that they can’t show without taking anything away from the harsh reality of the world of The Hunger Games, which really was the focal point of the story in my opinion.

Now to the part where I was a little on the fence about: THE CHARACTERS.

Please don’t misunderstand, all of these actors are incredibly talented. I love Jennifer’s portrayal of Katniss; she was fierce, kick-ass and ever considerate of her sister, Prim. She played the role exactly how I predicted she would. I couldn’t have asked for a better Katniss than Jennifer.

Liam Hemsworth’s role as Gale was a little bit understated in this film – much like in the book. There wasn’t much of him that I was not able to truly see what he was made of. But let me tell you this: If they wanted him to play a bigger role in a love triangle as they’d planned, they have succeeded tremendously. The boy can play brooding, jealous quasi-“boy”friend like it’s nobody’s business. Quite a feat if you ask me, considering the limited scenes and dialogues he had. I’m definitely looking forward to more of him on Catching Fire.

Josh Hutcherson. I’m not going to take anything away from his talent. He’s a seasoned Indie actor who’d suddenly found himself on a tidal wave of mainstream popularity. I’m sorry to say that his and Jennifer’s chemistry on screen was a little lacklustre. To be honest, Cinna and Katniss had better chemistry than these two. I still can’t picture him as Peeta Mellark but I’m not giving up on him just yet. He can still rock it on the next one. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I am and will always be, the girl who likes the boy with the bread.

My rating for this film: