Confessions of an Addict (10): The Inkblot Test

That’s me standing in front of my bookshelves wondering what to read next. 
That’s me freaking out at Amazon the other day because when I ticked off PRIORITY/INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on my order,  I expect a package to be in my door step no later than five p.m. the next day. 
That’s me relaxing, maxing, chillaxing with a zombie book who fell in love with a unicorn…They lived happily ever after, in case you wanted to know. 
 Oh for the love of God! What the hell is that?! 
Yes, I do realize this post is pointless and a waste of time, but hey, this is my honest interpretation of a well-tested psycho analysis test. The inkblot test tells you my deepest thoughts and inner struggles…okay well, the second one may be a just a bit of an exaggeration. You should try it anyway *shrugs*. 

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