Morsels {4} Retro Review of Chicago Stars Series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It’s a little-known fact that my passion for books compete with my passion for the NFL. If an author managed to combine these two obsessions together in a well-executed manner, then you pretty much own me until I find another to obsessed about. Well, this past week, my fixation reached a new high…or low, depending on how you look at it. I slept very little, did zero work and pretty much subjected my entire family to take-outs and had forced them to live in a pig-sty. All because I couldn’t detached myself off the Kindle. This series completely owned me. 

I read the first five books of this series in five days. They were that addictive. Susan Elizabeth Phillips combined humour, love and football so fantastically well that I found it incredibly easy to ignore life for the entire week. This doesn’t put me in a good light, I know. But Ms. Phillips’ knack for creating some pretty  varied characters was highly addictive. Her stories were real, her characters, genuine. The combination of some chuckle-inducing dialogues from her cast left me in complete marvel. Her talent for giving each of her characters realistic, distinct voices amazed me. Each one has their own quirks and personalities that I didn’t feel like one was a mirror-image of another.

This series was the perfect escape from the doldrums of life and the pesky winter blahs.

RATING: All books received 4 out of 5 Stars.


It Had to be You 
Heaven, Texas
Nobody’s Baby But Mine
Dream a Little Dream

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