Review: Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe

Publication Date: October 7th, 2010
Hodder Children’s Books
Format: Paperback, 372 pages

Jane Jonas is nearing her 16th birthday and troubled by unsettling recurring dreams where the same mysterious boy her age comes to her, telling Jane that they are each other’s destiny. Her mother is increasingly anxious about Jane’s disruptive sleepwalking episodes, but for Jane her dream world and reality are about to collide …When she develops a friendship with an enigmatic stranger in town, the blond, uber-cool Evan, it’s exciting, it’s new, and Jane wants him more than she’s ever wanted anybody – until her mystery dream boy gets in the way. Now Jane is caught between two worlds: one familiar, but tinged with romance and excitement; the other dark and dangerous, where angels, werewolves, and an irresistible stranger are trying to seduce her …
1 out of 5 Stars

Unfortunately, this book will be shelved under DID NOT FINISH. I was halfway through but nothing was really happening. The plot moved in such a snail’s pace that I quit reading before I could figure what this book was about. I hate giving up on books but I have to think about the other ones on my Mt. TBR that are more deserving of my time.

The beautiful cover did me in – again. So much so that I’ve bought the second book without knowing how the first one would turn out.

There wasn’t much character development and as a result, the characters felt inanimate – robotic, almost. Also, the relationship between Jane and Evan happened in a whiplash-inducing manner, something that I’m not a big fan of. Jane was caught in the middle between Evan and Luca and yet I didn’t see any instances where she vacillated between the two. She’s the type of girl who just goes with the flow. If she’s with Evan, then Luca doesn’t enter her mind and the same goes if she’s with Luca. The good thing about it is that the love triangle didn’t make me want to facepunch someone; actually, it didn’t make me feel anything at all. And really, that’s the root of the problem. This book couldn’t induce any sort of feelings from me.

There were some elements of this book that suffered greatly. Like the lack of background information on how Luca was supposedly connected to Jane; that she’s his half and vice versa. Ultimately, the book failed to hook me into its pages that regretfully, I had to give up reading. 

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