October Rewind

Can you believe October’s almost gone? While this month hasn’t been as productive of a reading month for me, I can’t say I lazed away the month. October was still busy nonetheless.  I’m going to keep striving to make this blog better and will try my absolute best to keep giving honest and impartial reviews. Although at times I find it hard to be candid for fear of backlash, I just have to keep reminding myself that anything less would be dishonest and a waste of your time and mine. As well, I know I could go on and on with my reviews of some books but I can’t apologize for that. Sometimes, books just leave an impression on me, so much so that it becomes a rant. But hey, I did warn you (Joyous Reads: Romance, Reviews, Rants). 
So this month, A.J. of Collections created a blog for Melina Marchetta’s fans. For those of you who doesn’t know, Melina Marchetta is, hands down, my favorite author of all time. I’m so grateful she included me as a contributor for 132 Minutes! I’ve managed to post a review for one of my favorite among her books which is,  On the Jellicoe Road. If you guys have some time to check us out, please do so and leave us some love. If you’re not familiar with any of Ms. Marchetta’s books, don’t fret. We’ve planned to give out a complete library of her works in the near future, so watch out for that!
I did say I had a so-so reading month for October didn’t I? You’re probably sitting there scoffing because 17 books is hardly unproductive at all. But try to understand, I used to average at least 24 books a month. October just kicked my butt, that’s all. I was busier with family stuff and I guess, real life. 

October 2 – Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett
             5 – Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta
             8 – The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski
            11 – The Fairie Ring by Kiki Hamilton
            11 – The Pledge by Kimberly Derting
            13 – Eve by Anna Carey
            14 – Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer
            16 – Remembrance by Michelle Madow
            16 – Tempest by Julie Cross
            17 – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
            20 – Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
            22 – Exiled by M.R. Merrick
            22 – The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson
            26 – Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
            28 – On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane
            30 – Cross My Heart by Katie Klein
            30 – Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Average rating for October:  3.052 Stars 


I had quite a busy month for giveaways!

A.J. won copies of Half-Blood by J Armentrout & Amplified by Tara Kelly
Valerie, Melissa Rob & Identity Seeker won copies of The “What If” Guy by Brooke Moss
Lori M. Lee won The Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong 
Sarabara081 won copies of The Caster Chronicles trio by K Garcia & M Stohl
Carissa St. Armand won a copy of Enthralled by K Armstrong and M Marr 
TheJay2XA won a signed copy of Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Spav won copies of Raised by Wolves by Trial by Fire by J L Barnes
Kristina Shields won a copy of How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr
Congratulations everyone! I know I promised a huge box of books for November but I think I’m going to have to postpone that giveaway until Christmas. But not to worry, I’m going to do something different for November with giveaways so, again, you must stay tuned for that. 

  • I’ve got a blog tour of Entice Me by Lucienne Rivers scheduled for a November 19th stop that  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of. 
  • For November, I decided to give away copies of books that gets a 5 star rating on my reviews. Details of the giveaway will be announced as soon as I figure out my schedule. I’ve been told I’m a nitpicker type of reviewer so, who knows, there might not even be any 5 star books in November! *insert evil laugh here* 
  • Also, Shopping List for November will be posted so here’s your first chance to grab a copy/copies(?) of books that you’re dying to read for November!
That’s about what I was up to in October. 
How was yours?

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