DNF – Books I Couldn’t Finish

**WARNING** Mild ranting up ahead. Read at your own risk.

Yesterday, I was hopping merrily away in the blogging world when I stumbled upon a post by Livre D’ Amour. She listed some of the books that she couldn’t finish for her own personal reasons.  And jolly, ol’ me – being the most unoriginal, uncreative person on this side of the equator, decided to follow in her footsteps and come up with some of my own.

French Kiss (Diary of a Crush #1) by Sarra Manning
I read this book back in June and I think I stopped reading after 40 pages or so.

The gist of the review: I cannot be sympathetic to girls who fall in love with boys who treat them like rags. Also, the characters in this book are people that I pretty much cannot stand in real life. Edie’s obsession with Dylan the jerk astounds me. This guy treats her like dirt but she keeps coming back for more. If they were a real life couple, I see the beginnings of an abusive relationship.

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

“I’m sorry. I can’t force myself any longer. I just…no. The feedback on this book is mostly good and here I sit thinking that I’m reading a different novel. Perhaps the story will get better but I just can’t continue. Something about a group of teenagers sitting in a circle, passing a flask and playing NEVER HAVE I EVER (on a ski trip, no less!) makes me want to gouge my eyes with a dull knife…”

There was just something about the above scenario that felt like I was reading a fan fiction instead of a book in which I paid money for. I know I stopped at page 114 so if I were to feel generous one day or if I ever ran out of reading materials, I just might give this book another go.

Mistwood by Leah Cypress

For some people, an INFODUMP is something that hinders them from enjoying a book. Well, Mistwood is a book that probably could’ve used a truckload of information, in my opinion. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a story and had to figure out how everything started. In the end, though, the lack of the characters’ personalities couldn’t make me finish this. I was lost and confused half the time and uncaring for the other half. I can honestly say that among this list, Mistwood is the only one who didn’t make me want to inflict pain to the characters. Sure they were the unemotional sort – but they didn’t make me livid as the rest of the books that are on this list.

“This book bored me and confused me. I feel like there should’ve been a book before this to explain everything else. The author bombards you with events from the past that failed to explain what was happening in the present. There’s about a hundred pages left to this book and I can’t summon to urge to find out what happens to the Shifter and Rokan.”

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
”I really thought I’d get past the fact that the protagonist didn’t have a hard time in the world she woke up to. But five chapters in and I couldn’t continue.

If the person you claim was your soulmate, gave his life just so you could be human again, would you at least shed one tear? instead, she honored his memory by falling in love with another character in a span of minutes.”

The thing is, the MC was buried for a century. She woke up to the present world fully adjusted. The most obvious inconsistency was the lack of formality in her language that depicts of the century she lived in. Instead, she was fully slang-ing it with the kids.  In the meantime, the guys are falling for her for reasons that…I’m sorry. I can’t remember. Actually, there wasn’t anything redeeming about her or even remotely likable.  I couldn’t get over the fact that a vampire gave up his life so she could be human and what did she do? Oh. Right. Hook up with the next hottest guy within a ten mile radius.

Marked (House of Night series) by PC Cast & Kristin Cast
So, I was the not-so-smart one who bought books 1 to 6 of this series without reading the first one first. Had I brush up on Book Buying 101, I could’ve saved myself a whole lot of cheddah. This book tried so hard to come off sounding like a teenager and epically failed. 
I may have stopped reading as soon as I got to a scene wherefore a guy was uhm being ‘worshipped’ by a girl on her knees…in the hallway.  Am I a prude? Perhaps. Ultimately, the horrible writing style of this duo and my inability to like the characters couldn’t get me to continue on with this series. I’ve been reading reviews of the next books and apparently, the series has vacillated from bad to worse. All I can say is –  what a waste of money. Tsk, tsk.
Remember kids, the opinions expressed in this post are purely my own. We’ve all been given the rights to choose and buy books that could harm either ourselves or somebody else. Goodness knows I tried so hard to contain the urge to face punch someone after reading the above mentioned materials.
Any of these books make your list? I’m a sucker for comments. 
  • Great post! I love the idea as well- especially since I'm something of an uncreative blogger myself. The only book mentioned which I've read is Marked. I went into it expecting to hate it because of all the negative reviews I'd read. I didn't exactly hate it (and actually managed to finish it) but I did have two major issues with it. One- the poor writing (excessive use of slang and pop-culture references as well as the whiny teenage voice) and two- the author's need to describe the rituals in great detail each time they occurred. I guess I stuck with it because it was a light, short read and I needed the break after all the heavy tomes I'd been reading at the time.

    Some books I've never finished reading include Grapes of Wrath, Dr. Zhivago and Anna Karenina. Those are the classics. I can't recall any contemporaries that I haven't finished reading. I don't often leave books incomplete so, even if it's one big yawn, I tend to push ahead and finish it no matter what.

  • @Kara Thank you! About House of Night…I'm wondering the same thing 🙂

  • Yeah, Joy, once again I think you have posted some fabulous shit. Yes, I'm in a cussy mood. Who cares?

    I agree about Mistwood. I finished it, but I didn't really love it, and I had the same complaints you did.

    I couldn't even get past page 30 in the House of Night series. I have never ever experienced crappier writing. It's very hard for me to not question the bloggers who love that series.

    Great post!

  • @Joy – I've got Marked languishing in my TBR pile … will give it a whirl and get back to you 😀

  • @A.J. Lol. Well, the characters were awkward too.

    @M.A.D. See? This is why MOST of my critiques on books are based on the characters' traits and actions instead of the writer's techniques. I wouldn't know how to start. :)…well, except when the writing is glaringly bad. *coughsmarkedcoughs*

  • Honestly, I have to agree with you regarding Infinite Days. As much as I really, REALLY wanted to get into the book, I was forever critical of the MC's behavior, choices, speech, etc.

    Mind you, I don't have a fraction of the author's talent, I just wish she had written the MC with greater depth in mind and less teen-ism. Maybe this is what I get for being an old fart trying to enjoy a book meant for [much] younger adults ;D

    To sum it up: we, as readers, have a difficult time *suspending disbelief* with characters who SHOULD be more mature than their actions, but aren't. It's as if their past history hasn't impacted them, if that makes sense? lol

  • YES. Infinite Days. I agree with everything you said. Nothing new, and I was bored. And I never like it when all the boys fall for the chick. PFFT!

    As for the other books, I haven't read them. And I probably won't. I do want to say that the pose is very awkward on the cover of A Beautiful Dark. O_o It bothers me.