Confessions of an Addict (7): A Bookshelf’s Letter to its Owner.

Dear Joy,

Hi! Remember us? We’re a group of awesome books that you sold your soul to the devil for to obtain…okay, not really. Anyway, we can’t help but notice that you’ve been amassing some great reads – well, you haven’t really read them yet – but we’ve been down here waiting for you *dusts self off*.


Your Indie shelf.

Dear Joy,

Do you remember one day when you were having one of those must organize bookshelf day? Your words were:

{in a falsetto voice} I’m going to put you all in front of this shelf so I can read you right away…

Sigh. We are feeling no love.


Your Must-Read-Now Shelf.

Dear Joy,

We think there may be some misunderstanding. If you recall, you grouped us together so you can finally read us according to the succession of our series. But lately, we’ve noticed that you’ve been reading sporadically.

So what’s the deal?

Dusty and Confused,

Your Incomplete, Unfinished, Unread Series Bookshelf.

Me thinks I’ve finally lost it…