Why I Fancy Books

When did my love affair with books start? Growing up in a country where the libraries only stock reference books and the like on the shelves, reading fiction was a luxury a lot of us couldn’t afford. I remember actually be-friending my friends’ older sisters just so I could borrow their books. It came to a point where I was practically visiting them everyday on the pretense that I was there for my friend but in reality, I was actually there to borrow more books.

My country would have power outages, frequently at that. But imagine a young girl reading in her bedroom with the flickering candle light. It doesn’t matter how little sleep I got…I just have to finish that book because my friend’s sister would only allow me to borrow one book and for only one day.

When my family moved to Canada, my love for reading intensified. Life became ultimately better especially when I found out that books can be bought at a thrift store – where they were priced for as little as twenty five cents. I thought I died and gone to heaven.

But being in a new country where everything was so fresh and different, it’s sad to say that my love of reading eventually petered out – for years, I neglected reading. I got married, had kids…pretended to be an adult. It’s only been the last four years that I’ve found my passion for books again.

Honestly? I owe it all to Stephenie Meyer. It’s those damn Twilight books of hers! Edward Cullen owned my soul for about two years until Jace Wayland ripped it from him. Sad to say, it didn’t take long before Jace took a backseat. The boys from the various books I’ve read stole my heart, piece by piece until Jonah Griggs decided enough is enough. My heart only belongs to him now.

I’m a bit of a neurotic when it comes to books. I seem to be in constant panic-buying mode. I just had to have them, no matter how bad the book is *coughsHadescoughs*. Anyway, reading books has a way of taking me to places that I could only dream of…meeting characters that are larger than life itself. It’s a means of an escape without having to leave my bedroom. And you know what else? I’m learning about LIFE as I go along. I mean, who knew that some vampires can’t be killed by a stake to the heart nowadays? Or that werewolves can change even without the full moon? Lol. I read somewhere that books are the cheapest way to go on a vacation. Judging by my choices in reading materials, I’ve visited a lot of desolate places where people are being eaten by zombies! 🙂

  • lol! You gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂

    I kinda have to owe it to Twilight too. It made me want to find more YA books to read. So that led to Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, The Immortals…. I haven't looked back since. XD

    AHHH JONAH GRIGGS!! <3 *passes out*

  • Thank you! I'm always glad to share my neurotic tendencies…and of course, my love for books! 🙂

  • Haha! Yes, I agree that a book is the cheapest way to have a vacation. Maybe that's why I've been spending increasing amounts of time with my books now when I'm engaged in Postgrad study and can least afford to. I honestly can't remember the last time I went on vacation. It looks like I'll be seeking escape and comfort in books for a long time to come. I can understand growing up in a place where the libraries only stocked reference books. Although my local library sheld fictional novels, I rarely got to visit because it was out of the way. Instead, I had to make do with my poorly stocked school library which had crumbly, cheap novels and most of them were prescribed reading. As I grew, my mum and I were able to go to the library once every two months and we would borrow books on 5 or 6 different library cards and renew the books every 2 weeks until the end of 2 months. Transport was, and still is, a problem so we could not go in to the library too often. My mum is a very fast reader and usually borrowed about 30 books at a time and finished them all by the time our next visit to the library came around. I've spent most of my life borrowing books and not buying them because books are still too expensive in my country (nothing less than R100- usually more- for a brand new book). However, I'm grateful that books have been released in the infinitely cheaper ebook format and so I just by them online and read them on my PC. I'm hoping to get an e-reader soon since I expect that it's less damaging to the eyes. Since entering the blogging world, I've also won a few giveaways and have made a few book purchases so my bookshelf is steadily increasing. However, your post particularly struck me as familiar when you mentioned how you'd borrowed your sister's friends books when you were younger. Just earlier tonight I was telling my brother how I'd love to own the whole Harry Potter set in hard cover simply becase it's my most beloved series and I'd read most of the books by borrowing them from a boy who sat next to me in class when we were in primary school. He was very possessive over his books and was reluctant to lend them to me. After mch wheedling and persuauion, he leant them to me (although I borrowed them in the wrong order and read Book 3 first, then Book 2, 1, 4, 5, 6 and finally 7. Very often , people have found it strange how fascinated I am by books and how precious I consider every book I own. I suppose it comes from experiences sch as these that we learn to appreciate the things that others take for granted. Very inspiring post!

    Sarah @ Random Thoughts of A Confused Adolescent